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Tomy motorized road & rail system james

There are situations where a student creates their own student blog or you need to add an existing student blog to My Class. This is easily done using Join a ...

Add a blog to my website

Now that we finally have a little snow on the ground here in Iowa it absolutely looks and feels like winter.   Some people hate the snow and cold weather.  After living in South Carolina when I was in the military, I have to acquaint you that I missed the cold and snow.  I’m not...

Tomy gordon

Inspiring you to get crafty with easy to follow kid craft tutorials and ideas!

Make It from Your Heart

I apologize for being a little late with my blog.  February has been a active month.  I just alternate from New York City where I attended the 2019 Toy Fair at the Jacob K. Javits Center.  2019 marks the 116th year of the show and over 30,000 people...

Tomy yerry

I apologize for being a little late with my blog. February has been a busy month. I just returned from New York City where I attended the 2019 Toy Fair at the ...

Adding webmentions to my blog

March finally has brought us some warmer weather which helped cook all of our snow.  Unfortunately it did cause some flooding.  Mother Nature does whatever it wants and we have to deal with it..  On my 12th blog I announced that I was a grandpa.  Lucy has done lots of growing since October 2017.  She now officially has more hair than me, especially on the top of her head.  She is such a joy.  At the end of April she’ll be 18 months old.  Time sure flies.

Tomy thai menu

Jun 27, 2019 ... Last week it finally happened, I added webmention support to my blog too! Well, partial support at least. I'm now receiving and displaying ...

Hints & Tips

Our paper witch owl friend has found a new way to get around during the Halloween season, with our Jack-O-Lantern Hot Air Balloon kid craft idea! So "WHOOO" is ready to check out and recreate this Paper Plate Pumpkin Hot Air Balloon tutorial today?! It's going to make your crafty heart float with happiness this spook-tacular season! I even have you covered with a free printable to get you … [Read more...]

Tomy james

This is my initial blog post for the First Years, which is exciting for me. But you know what's even more exciting? When those firsts belong to your child. As a mom ...

ERTL Collector Blog

It’s August in Northeast Iowa.  Time for sweet corn and baseball games.  In case you haven’t heard the big announcement already, the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees will be playing a major league game in Dyersville, Iowa in August of 2020 out at the...

Tomypath login

In a recent blog post, we discussed different types of black ink and which ones .... Get ready to pour your hearts out with our gorgeous new Close To My Heart ...

I can't sign in to my blog

Deck the HOWLS with today's Thumbprint Halloween Spider Mason Jar Card tutorial! It's sure to bring some smiles and a alarming good time to those who make these one-of-a-kind paper pieces! Not to mention, the advantageous receivers will love them too! Keep scrolling for the abounding how-to on this Halloween themed kids craft idea, so you conjure it up today! #gluedtomycrafts Enter if you dare but amuse … [Read more...]

Tomy medical terminology

By adding a blog to your website, you can quickly post new content to engage visitors. Daily tips, eye-catching photos, tasty recipes or industry insights — blog ...

National Stamping Month: Using Small Stamps in BIG Places

I can’t believe it is already July.  Where is the summer going..    I had a good time talking to some of you at the Summer Farm Toy Show.   We were able to appearance you some new items, including all the “Farm Show” units for the various OEMs. (I’ll talk more about...

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